BFS Proposal



Pet Welfare SA (PWSA) is a non-profit company (NPC) registered in accordance with Section 1 of the Companies Act Number 71 of 2008. The main objectives are to provide goods and to render services to animal welfare organizations throughout South Africa in need of as much assistance as possible to ensure adequate care to the animals that arrive at their shelters in need of good homes.

Pet Welfare SA is also a registered Public Benefit Organisation and is therefore able to provide tax benefits to those who donate to us, as approved in terms of section 18A of the Income Tax Act. Our PBO number is 930 044 316.

PWSA currently provides assistance to 10 animal rescue centres, and as the resources increase, so too will the number of welfares that we can assist.


The situation in South Africa of homeless, abused, neglected, stray, injured, ill, geriatric and unwanted dogs and cats is dire. The need for pro-life, non-profit rescue, rehabilitation and re-homing facilities for these unfortunate animals is in critical need. Because without these caring facilities, these unfortunate animals would suffer miserable lives and premature deaths.


Two unsterilized dogs will produce 456,000 offspring in 5 years and two unsterilized cats will produce 680,000 offspring in 7 years. It is estimated that 7 out of 10 dogs and 9 out of 10 cats are euthanized in government shelters due to the lack of sufficient facilities and the burden of unwanted animals. The situation is in a crisis!


There are an estimated 9 million dogs and over 7 million cats that have been accounted for in South Africa alone. This excludes all those at shelters, in the townships and far too many unseen, homeless strays. Every shelter in South Africa works extremely hard to keep the animals in their care safe and provided for, but it is fast becoming increasingly more difficult to do so. Resources are always desperately needed, and the risk of welfare organizations closing down due to inadequate resources is currently at an all-time high!


In our experience in animal welfare – and based on intensive research – we need to address the following challenges as priority:

  • An influx of rescue animals with less and less adoptions
  • Inadequate funding to assist the rescue centres/shelters
  • Increased medical tariffs
  • The volume of individual welfares needing sponsorships
  • Limited space for the animals
  • The increased costs of high priority commodities such as food, blankets, cleaning items
  • Shortage of volunteer staff, making home-checking rather difficult
  • Adequate education of all South Africans about animal welfare


  • To collect resources, funding and donations on behalf of selected private animal welfares in South Africa.
  • To focus on finding the funding so that the welfares can focus on the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of animals in South Africa.


  • 4our Paws in Fourways, Johannesburg
  • Angel’s Refuge in Mafikeng
  • Ark Animal Centre in Fourways, Johannesburg
  • FORA (Friends of Rescued Animals) in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg
  • Hellen – Working in the Community in the Southern Suburbs of Johannesburg
  • The Lucky Lucy Foundation in Fisantekraal, Cape Town
  • Ridgeback Rescue in Midrand, Johannesburg
  • Soweto Animal Rescue & Advisory Centre in Soweto, Johannesburg
  • Wolfshaven Animal Sanctuary in Benoni, Johannesburg
  • Woodrock Animal Rescue in the Haartebeespoort Area of Johannesburg


Pet Welfare SA’s main goal for 2014 is to collect a total of R300,000 per month.

This amount is required to sponsor the welfare organizations to almost 100% capacity, as demonstrated in the table below.

As you will see, the two outer-region welfares will receive more income for their vet bills as the logistics needed to deliver material items such as food and blankets to them is somewhat restricted from transportation logistics.

Other areas that will be addressed further down the line are:

  • 10 rescue vehicles, preferably bakkie/delivery vehicles
  • Fit the vehicles with trackers and dog cages
  • Tyres for the current vehicles used as rescue vehicles
  • 10 colour printers for the shelters as well as toner/ink per printer
  • CCTV on the premises of 7 of the shelters to prevent crime as well as keep an eye on the animals at night
  •  Cleaning equipment, high pressure hose pipes/spades/rakes/wheel barrows/etc
  • ClearVu fencing, as well as electric fencing


As mentioned above, we need to raise R300,000 monthly. We would like to ask that you pledge a monthly donation as a company as well as individually. We have therefore started the “Pet Welfare SA Bone-Fide Suppawter” Campaign. Each company that pledges to donate on a monthly basis will get their company name put onto our website. We have 3 types of Suppawters:
Bronze Suppawters donate between R100 – R500 per month
Silver Suppawters donate between R500 – R1000 per month
Gold Suppawters donate over R1000 per month

We ask that your company pledge to help us reach our goal and by doing so, help support these welfares that do so much for the animals in South Africa.


There are many avenues available to us to use for marketing your amazing commitment to pet welfare in South Africa:

Bone-Fide Suppawter Website

  • Your company name, or individual name will go onto our website with a click-through to your website – You will be allocated the relevant bone status and everyone who goes onto our website, will be able to see that you are helping, whether in your personal capacity, or as a company

Social Media

  • Facebook is an enormous media platform in South Africa, used by millions of people from all walks of life. We would embark on a large campaign that would involve all the welfares posting the news that you are helping as well as on the PWSA Facebook page. By posting the campaign on all these pages and supporting it monthly, your potential readership/viewership will be huge
  • Twitter, which also has a very large database, will be targeted as well for the campaign on an ongoing basis.
  1. Videos can be made for that promotes both PWSA and your company, explaining just how you got involved with Pet Welfare SA
  2. Your company Logo will be put onto our website so that people can click through from our site.
  • We would also be able to provide you with an Income Tax PBO Invoice for tax as we are a registered PBO

There will be continuous publicity for your company, which will not only benefit you, but will also benefit animal welfare in SA.

Your consideration to the above would be sincerely appreciated. Please feel free to contact the writer should you require any further information and/or clarification. We look forward to your response and trust that you will consider this proposal in a favourable light.

Yours respectfully,

Nicola Dee van Ass
Pet Welfare SA
Reg No: 2012/180351/08
PBO No: 930 044 316
Tel: 083 309 0400
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Additional Information



  • A write up of all welfares on board will be listed on the website.
  • Each welfare has a wish list that we would like to fulfill every year.
  • All sponsors are listed on the website, with logos and a hyperlink added to each logo.
  • Current projects in progress will be listed and detailed on the website, soliciting help from members of the public.
  • Educational programmes will be listed as well as schedules

 Fund-Raising and Fund Gathering:

  • PWSA will contact companies on behalf of the welfares that have become members and request sponsorships. Anything animal related will be welcome and the items donated will be distributed to the welfare members.
  • Monetary donations will be spent on the items that form the wish lists provided by the welfares , such as vet bills, rental, food and medicine. Very little actual cash will be given to the welfares and those that do receive cash will need to provide remittances for clarification.
  • Fund-raising events will be held on behalf of a select number of welfare members. This will alternate so that all welfares will be represented over time.
  •  Each represented welfare will be requested to advertise the event and donors can select which welfare they would like to support. The welfare with the most support will win the prize of the day as well as a portion of the funds collected.
  • PWSA will also attend as many fund-raisers as possible in order to spread awareness and gather donations or sponsorships on behalf of the welfare members.
  • A sponsorship program will be implemented to collect money monthly for the welfares.


  • PWSA will select projects to support as well as hosting their own projects in relation to private animal welfare. An example of a joint project would be the 67 kennels in 67 minutes campaign being held in CT. PWSA would join it and help them achieve their goals.
  • PWSA will also carefully ascertain the welfare members who are most desperate for assistance. We would help welfares that are not being run adequately  (Irwin Animal Centre) by providing teams to convert the shelter into a livable environment. We would also ask vets to join us in providing care and help with possible funding to create an acceptable environment for the animals.
  • Specific items that are needed may become larger projects in order to raise specific funds and create awareness in order to complete the goals of the projects.


Because the general members of the public are not as versed as we would like them to be about having pets and caring for them, PWSA will endeavour to provide education in topics such as sterilization, pet care and nutrition. Workshops will be held to educate South Africans in specific areas.

Schools will also be approached to allow us to hold workshops for children in order to teach them about animals and their correct care.

Shelter owners and volunteers will also be able to attend workshops where topics such as running a shelter effectively, diseases and cures, safety and hygiene and many other topics will be taught. Subjects such as employment equity, ethics and moral codes when working with animals and welfare as well as the companies act will also be addressed.

    Veterinary and Other Support:

We will be looking at forming relationships with vets in every area of South Africa in order to provide welfare with cost effective medical care.

They will be listed as preferred vets, so that we can introduce more clients to them.

PWSA will look into getting a team of home-checkers in every area so that the welfares are always able to have their animals in their new homes within a week.

Volunteer programs will be offered to students and others for all the welfare members, enabling help and care for the animals at the shelters.

Pet Welfare SA takes the approved 20% of donations to use as running costs for the business.