About Us

Pet Welfare SA is a registered Non-Profit Company. (Reg No: 2012/180351/08). It was started in September 2012 by Nicola Dee van Ass who has experience in both the home animal and welfare animal worlds. As a qualified dog trainer, groomer, lecturer and welfare member, it became clear that there is an ever-increasing need for joint private animal welfare as well as someone to look after the funding, while the welfares look after the animals.

Through research and experience, we found that most private welfares face the following problems:

  • Adoptions are not high enough and there are too many animals coming in
  • Funding is too low due to the difficulty of gathering income
  • Medical bills are always increasing
  • Gaining sponsorships is difficult due to the number of welfares needing sponsorships
  • There isn’t enough space for all the animals
  • Food, blankets and other needed items are hard to come by and are expensive
  • Staffing is normally short as there aren’t enough people to work full-time or part-time at the shelters
  • Home checking is difficult due to time and resources
  • Education of the population

Because there are so many welfares and shelters in South Africa, it becomes very difficult to decide which one to help.Pet Welfare was formed to deal with the above issues in order to reduce the stress of running a shelter or welfare.With not having to worry about food or money, more time can be spent on the animals in the care of these amazing human beings.

By donating to Pet Welfare SA, you can have the assurance that 80% all funds and sponsorships get divided amongst the welfares who have become members.(Pet Welfare SA takes the approved 20% of the monetary value of donations to use for running costs of the company)

While it may not always be a cash value, the welfares will receive food, and other material items as well as getting their vet bills paid, rentals sorted and many other items that they may need.

We will have updated financial statements on the website every 2 months so that the public as well as the welfares can see where the money/donations are going.

It is of utmost importance that the company be kept transparent so that there is no question of favouritism or corruption.


    1. Website:

  • An online list of all dogs, cats and horses available for adoption will be listed on the site. All relevant information about the animal (age, size, gender, etc) will be on the list as well as a photo of the animal and the welfare name where the animal is being looked after. If a person is interested in a specific pet, they click on the welfare name and get directed to the email service that mails the welfare they want their pet from. The public will be able to search for specifics when looking for their ideal pet and this will narrow down the choices of animals on the list.
  • Each member will be listed on the website with a write up about them, some pictures as well as contact details and possibly a directional map. As well as being posted on our Facebook Page.
  • There is an advertising section on the website where companies that sell pet related products or provide services relating to pets will be listed. This will enable the potential new owner to find out where their closest trainer is, or which products they should buy for their new/existing pets.
  • Current projects being worked on will be described on the website, as well as how the public can help.
  • Educational programs will be listed as well as schedules, etc .

    2. Fund-Raising and Fund Gathering
  • PWSA will be contacting companies on behalf of the welfares that have become members and asking for sponsorships. Anything animal related will be welcome and the items donated will be distributed to the welfare members.
  • Monetary donations will be spent on the items that form the wish lists that the welfares have provided, from vet bills to rental, food to medicine. Very little actual cash will be given to the welfares and those that do receive cash will need to provide remittances for where the money was spent.
  • Fund-raising events will be held on behalf of a select number of welfare members (this will be changed for every event so that all welfares will be represented at some point). Each represented welfare will be asked that they advertise the event and that when people arrive to sign their name next to the welfare they are coming in support of. The welfare with the most names will win the prize of the day as well as a portion of the funds collected.
  • PWSA will also attend as many fund-raisers as possible in order to spread awareness and gather donations or sponsorships on behalf of the welfare members.
  • A debit order system will be put into place where the public can donate R50.00 per month to PWSA. The money collected will be used to buy items or pay bills for the welfares on board.


  • PWSA will choose projects to support as well as hosting their own projects in relation to private animal welfare. An example of a project joined would be the 67 kennels in 67 minutes campaign being held in CT. PWSA would join it and help them achieve their goals.
  • PWSA will also be looking at the welfare members and seeing which ones are in desperate need of help. We would take welfares that are not being run correctly (Irwin Animal Centre) and help them by providing teams to convert the shelter into a livable environment. We would also ask vets to join us in providing care and help them with possible funding to create an environment for the animals that we find acceptable.
  • Specific items that are needed may have to become projects in order to raise specific funds, create awareness, etc in order to complete the goals of the projects.

    4. Education:
  • Because the public is so ignorant, PWSA will Endeavour to educate the masses. Topics like sterilization, pet care, nutrition, etc will be looked at and workshops will be held to educate the population.
  • Schools will also be approached to allow us to hold a talk/workshop at the base level (children) in order to teach them about animals and their correct care.
  • Shelter owners as well as volunteers will also be able to attend workshops where topics such as: running a shelter effectively, diseases and cures, safety and hygiene and many other topics will be taught. (Also subjects like employment equity, ethics and moral codes when working with animals and welfare as well as the companies act will be looked at.)

    5. Veterinary and Other Support:
  • We will be looking at forming relationships with vets in every area of South Africa in order to provide welfare with cost effective medical care.
  • They will be listed as preferred vets, so that we can give them more clients as well.
  • PWSA will look into getting a team of home-checkers in every area so that the welfares are always able to have their animals in their new homes within a week.
  • Volunteer programs will be offered to students and others for all the welfare members, enabling help and care for the animals at the shelters.