Welcome to Pet Welfare SA

There are an estimated 9 million dogs and over 7 million cats that have been accounted for in South Africa alone and this excludes all those at shelters, in the townships and the others that are strays and unseen.

Every shelter in South Africa works extremely hard to keep the animals in their care safe and provided for but it is fast becoming increasingly difficult to do so.


Pet Welfare SA is a multi-purpose NPC (Reg No: 2012/180351/08), as well as a registered PBO that offers the following:

  • We approach companies as a single entity and will ask for various sponsorships that will be divided amongst the private animal welfare members.
  • We appeal to the public to make donations to our company so that we can, to the best of our ability, give the animal shelters what they need.
  • This may not always be in cash, but rather in food, paying vet bills, etc.
  • Pet Welfare SA will organise fund-raising events where a number of welfares will be represented. We will also attend events in order to raise awareness as well as funds/donations for the various shelters.
  • Every welfare that joins Pet Welfare SA will submit a wish list. This is posted here on our website and as we are able to fulfil the needs, we will cross off the items wanted.
  • Each animal welfare or shelter will be listed on the website with relevant information so that you can see where they are and find out a little bit more about them.
  • Pet services, products and veterinary services will be listed on the website in order for you to see where you can buy specific needed items or where the closest trainer, behaviourist or vet is to you.
  • We will be posting various articles about pets on the website so that when you are looking at adopting a pet, you will be able to read up on many different and interesting things you should know.
  • We will be hosting various educational programmes for not only the public, but the welfare workers as well. This will help create awareness, enable people to care for their pets correctly and also how to manage or work at an animal shelter.
  • Pet Welfare SA will also have projects listed that we are working on. From building kennels to helping shelters that are not running properly get back onto their feet.
  • Pet Welfare SA takes the approved 20% of donations to use for running costs of the company, pay salaries and deliver goods.